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SOME BY MI Aha-Bha-Pha 30 Days Miracle

I’ve read lots of good review and awards for Some By Mi Aha-Bha-Pha Miracle series. So I decided to switch my skin care routine to using this set for 30 days. I’ll be sharing my final review after completing the 30 days.

I purchase the starter kit from Amazon for around AED70 ($20). The price from Some By Mi website is ₩18,000 ($15) as of today; a slight difference which is good. It came with cute postcard message with Yook Sungjae picture . ^_^

Some By Mi (썸바이미) is a Korean brand which offers a wide range of practical and trendy product solutions. The brand supports the no-animal-checking regulation as they also value a cruelty-free label on all of their cosmetic products.

What is Aha Bha Pha?

  • AHA: Removes impurities and dry flakes from skin surface.
  • BHA: Exfoliates pores, removing clogged impurities and sebum.
  • PHA: Stops losing moisture from skin, dissolving dead skin cell

This Starter Kit consists of:
– Aha-Bha-Pha Miracle Cleansing Bar 30g
– Aha-Bha-Pha Miracle Toner 30ml
– Aha-Bha-Pha Miracle Serum 10ml
– Aha-Bha-Pha Miracle Cream 20g

Step 1 Miracle cleansing bar | Impurities out!

Wash face with warm water. Lather for 1 minute with the foam. Wash of the face.

Step 2 Miracle toner | Dry flakes out!

Soak cotton pad with toner. Wipe of the skin and lightly tap for absorption. (For thick dry flakes, place toner-soaked cotton pad on the area for 1-3 min before wiping off.)

Step 3 Miracle serum | Calming down!

Apply droplets of serum on both cheeks and forehead with pipette. Spread and let absorb. (before use, squeeze out the remaining of pipette.Close lid and shake.)

Step 4 Miracle cream | Skin barrier build up!

Gently apply and absorb cream on your skin using fingertips.

Tip: If you keep the cream in the fridge, it can lower the temperature of the skin heated by hot heat and increase the hydration and soothing effects.

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